New Build Site Insurance

Build a New Home

Build a New Home

Building your own new home can be an exciting, yet daunting prospect. The effort and time spent planning and seeing the project through to completion is all worthwhile when presented with a new house for you to enjoy.

One of the problems that sometimes arises is that your chosen builders do not adequately insure their construction works with the result that in the event of fortuitous damage there is a financial shortfall. Once you are ready to purchase your plot of land, make sure you have sufficient new build site insurance in place to protect your investment from the risks it will face during the building period, plus, remember to think about the future and do not forget to arrange your buildings and contents insurance.

Arrangement of the appropriate site insurance is like properly hammering and nailing your house together versus gluing and sticking your house together. Here at Self-builder our aim is to empower you with key information so that when you are ready to turn your dreams into a reality you have all the critical information at your fingertips. Listed below are meaningful elements that should assist you in your build:

Why do you need site insurance for your new build?

Investing time and money into building your home to your very own specifications is likely to be one of the most costly activities you embark on in your lifetime. Having committed to a project of this size, you will need the reassurance that your new build site insurance provides the best possible cover in case there are disruptions to your project along the way. Have you considered what would happen if the project was delayed by a fire or a flood and you and your family were not able to move in on time? By securing the right self build site insurance, you can have comfort that adequate insurance will protect your dream home. Get a New Build Site Insurance quote online now

Key features a site insurance policy should cover

Site insurance for your new build must offer you the comfort of financial security, thus should include the following cover:

Four things to remember when thinking about your new build:

By always remembering those four elements you will ensure that from the word go to the sprint at the finish line you will not trip and fall.

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How do I arrange New Build Insurance?

To arrange New Build Site Insurance with Self-builder, call FREEPHONE 0800 018 7660 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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