Structural warranty

Structural Home Warranty

Structural Home Warranty

As a self builder you need peace of mind that your dream home is constructed to the required standard. Should a serious defect occur within 10 years of building your home and a structural warranty is in place, you’ll be covered for the repair work that’s needed within this time period.

Why do I need a Structural Warranty?

Technically known as structural defects liability insurance, a structural warranty will pay out in the event of faulty design, materials or workmanship, therefore covering for the risks that aren’t included within standard buildings insurance. A structural warranty will also cover legal fees associated with proving that your contractors are negligent.

An Architects Certificate alone would not cover you in the event of a defect, it would be down to you to take legal action against the architect and prove that the structural fault was as a result of their negligence. The legal fees involved in cases like these can soon mount up, so by taking out a structural warranty policy with Self-builder you’ll reduce the risk of having to pay unexpected fees should something go wrong. Many lenders now insist that a 10 year structural home warranty is in place before they’ll consider you for a loan so it should be one of the first things to consider when embarking on a self build.

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